Portrait Portfolio

Im offering all parents in my local area the chance for a free portraits photoshoot.
The shoot is totally FREE I'll come to your house or we're chose nice location local beach or park? Normally takes round an hour I find with a location like a beach, local park or in your home we will get much more natural photos with the kids at ease and enjoying themselves rather than those forced smiles you get with school portraits. It also gives you a wider range of photos to choose from Cornwall’s such a stunning place its shame to waste the opportunity to get great photos with stunning backdrops and many of the best spots locally are so close together we can move from one to another with little hassle. I'll take about 100 photos some formal one’s a selection of natural one’s and then edit off the best 30+ photos in style you want. There then get uploaded onto my website in your own password access gallery (its online for about a year so can buy whenever you want) your be only person which access code but you can share password with anyone you want I’m never going to pass the password on so if you want family members to have access to gallery you have to share it with them. The most important part is there’s no hard sale if you don’t like the photos you don’t have to buy any or get hassled to buy them. I’m quite confident that your love the photo’s I take and the last thing anyone wants is someone hassling you, you can buy in small amounts or in a package deal the choice is yours. My contact phone number is 07702889858 feel free to get in contact at any point to arrange shoot. Joe

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