Saturday, 13 February 2016

Storm Imogen

The ocean is a beautiful powerful beast, it shapes the area I live in and its beauty as well as the ugliness of a storm has always be a draw, on Monday 8th January we were hit by storm Imogen although not a massive storm the wind was storm and the sun was out meaning a chance to get some amazing images. I love exploring the coast watching massive waves, nature at its rawest you have to be careful when the ocean comes to life there is no second chances but stand a good distance away and watch and enjoy its beauty.

Monday, 1 February 2016

A few more windsurfing photo stiches

I've been carrying on my expiration with photo stiches in photoshop and slowly now getting to point where I'm happy with the results and a lot better understanding of what works and what does not, it's still very much like a virtual jigsaw trying to get the image to look right with so much movement going on and also overlaying the right photos on top of the next or under so photo looks as less cultured as possible but also showing off as much action as I can.