Photography for me has always been a way of expressing my thoughts in a visual form and a reference point to look back on and think how lucky I am to do a job I love.
My main passion when taking landscapes is the sea, living only a stones through away from the sea all my adult life has been a blessing that I'm so grateful for, just being able to walk out the front door and within two minutes being on a beach with sand under my feet is something I never take for granted. Whenever I travel through work I'm always drawn to the costal towns and cliff path walk and find time to enjoy the views but also take photographs as simple reminders of the places I've been and people you meet.
I can't think of anything better on a summers eve but sitting on the beach with friends watching the sun set or out on the cliffs in the winter watching the waves reshape the landscape. I've made it a project over the next year or two to try spend some more time photographing the landscape around where I live in Cornwall.
 I sale a selection of prints if you are interested in buying any please send me over a message using the contact form below, A3 prints are £50 un-framed or you have the option of a 20 by 16 inch canvas wrap for £75. If you come across any images that you like that are located else where on this website and you would like a print then I am happy to supply them printed as well at the same costs as above.


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