About Me

My name is Joe Cockle I grew up in the beautiful county of Cornwall I have always had a passion for documenting the world as I see it through photography. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world taking photos and over the last 10 years to turn my passion into my job. First through taking sports photos and then leading into wedding photography, I found wedding photography very similar to sports photography its all about catching that special moment that split second in time where everything just falls into place.

Through my blog I hope to show people a little bit of how I see the world and how as a photographer my life behind the lens varies from day to day. I can go from shooting a wedding one day to being at the beach taking sports photos the next I think this varied work base is why I love my job so much. No day is the same but every day I get the chance to do something I love and have passion for.

If you are interested in working with me then please fill free to get in contact I will travel anywhere in the world for work and think everyone should be treated equal my emails address is joecockle4@gmail.com.
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