About Me

Joe Cockle is a professional photographer based in Penzance Cornwall, he is owner of local photography company JNP Event photography. Joe works extensively in the media industry and his award winning photos regularly feature in local and national newspapers and magazines. The company formed after his sister complained about missing her children’s performances at school because she was stuck behind the camera lens. Unable to enjoy the actual event due to the pressure of getting it on camera, she also struggled to take the perfect shot. She’s not alone! Action shots are notoriously difficult to capture. You don’t get a second chance. And you don’t want the goal scoring kick to be blurred or the ball out of the shot. No matter if it’s football, horse riding, surfing or any of the other activities your children develop a taste for, JNP Event Photography will capture their magical moments with a crystal clear image. We pride ourselves on the provision of a professional service and outstanding quality prints. Give us a call. We’ll come and cover your event: from Penzance to Bodmin … And you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching your child’s performance. This is his personal blog which covers day to day happenings in his life.

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