Sports Portfolio

My love of photography come's from a love sports, without sports I doubt I would have ever picked up a camera there was something special about the first time I captured an image of a friend surfing. As time went on I've spent more time perfecting the art and found no matter what sport I photograph as long as I spend some time watching it then I normally get great results.

I think the most important thing with sports photography has always been knowing the sport.... that couple of hours spent just watching people participate without a camera in hand pays dividend when you come to pick up the camera in the end and actually go to take photos. That said I'm blessed where I live as the standard of local sports people is very high so gives me lots of opportunity to hone my skills at the same time as watching some of the best athletes in the UK.

I would say my main love is wind sports things like windsurfing and kite surfing I've always be drawn to the sea there's something about the power and beauty of nature that’s kept me coming back for more... days spent watching charts hoping for that one day when everything comes together to make those perfect photos.

It's also given me the chance to travel and meet new people taking me places where I may never have got the chance to visit if it was not for picking up the camera. I've also now been given the chance to express myself through writing something that being dyslexic I never thought would happen. This helps to give meaning to my photography and also now has a great place within my day to day work load it’s a welcome break from the editing that I generally look forward too. When you document a days event then your looking to tell a story through your images and through writing the more you can add to photo and setting a scene the greater chance you have of it being published, by adding context and meaning to each image you help to draw the viewer into the story.



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