Monday, 5 September 2011

The Jubilee Session's

I photographed the second of three of the recent Jubilee Sessions in Penzance Cornwall, I am in no doubt that this has to be the best venue that i have ever been too within the UK. Open air pool right next to the sea in one of the most beautiful towns in the county the only thing lacking was the massive crowd a venue like this should have!! I'm not sure people realise what a gem they have here and how if it could turn into one of those summer venues people would travel 100's of miles to viste. You could imange a Sunday afternoon session with bar and BBQ's people chilling out in the sun or in the pool with life guards on hand if anything goes wrong local dj's pumping out the tunes well everyone partied and spent time with friends and family i think sometimes we need to look at other parts of the world to see how things really should be run.
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