Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lee Harvey "Kite Surfer" Spring time Kiting

Sometimes you have to make the most of what mother nature gives you, here's a series of photos of Lee "Pasty" Harvey enjoying some spring times waves at home in West Cornwall. If you want to learn to kistsurf in Cornwall then there is no better school than Pasty Adventure's the school run by Lee.
Since picking up my new Canon 5D iii camera I've found shooting in low light so much easier, it just process's images at high iso so much better than anything I've used before. I now fill confident pushing the camera to its limits knowing I'll get amazing results, I'm great full for the small days we've had in recent weeks where I've been able to push the camera's limits and see what it can do but at the same time knowing if something  went wrong then I'm not going to miss too much.
The bit that's has amazed me the most about the 5D is how crisp the images are and the colour replication its produces is spot on.
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