Thursday, 28 January 2016

Mallorca Spain

With summer being my main time of year to work, we booked to winter break to Mallorca Spain a chance to relax with family and also get a bit of winter sun. Only being there for a few days, time to explore was limited but we made the most of a hire car and explored so of the more remote areas of the island. Being drawn towards the mountain villages and the cliffs around these areas but at the same time trying to stay away from the main tourist spots.

I'm looking forward to heading back over there again when its slightly hotter and I have a little more time to go of the beaten track and see what the island has to offer. We went in the middle of January and if I had did a bit more research on the area I think I would of waited and headed out at the start of February as we would of been there when the almond blossom was in full bloom, which from what I have now discovered happens from the end of January till late into February.

All that being said I found the island to be a beautiful place with very friendly local's and very good value for money with our flights form Bristol airport only costing £80 each. The food was great and I would suggest anyone who visits goes to Palma on a Tuesday and heads to the old town to check out tapas Tuesday so many great fresh fish dishes to eat over a course of an afternoon and very good value with dishes coming in from 2 euro's a plate.

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