Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Photo Stiches

Andy King Backloop
Andy King Forward Loop
And King Pushloop
I've had a bit of spare time recently and decided to spend a little time learning to stich photos of action sequences. Here are a few of my 1st attempts using some windsurf photography I recently took. I've found the main issue with this is deciding on what photo will be bottom layer and knowing that then the whole photo is based on that. Also choosing what images to cut from the original sequences was also tricky 1st of all I didn't want image to be to busy but I also wanted image to show all of the action so getting the spacing when the image is put together was important to consider when starting to build the stich.

I found windsurfing to be good subject to start with as all the movement was vertical in the shots rather than a turn is surfing where the subject comes back on itself which I've found hard to define the action without having very busy image. I'm hoping the best fix for this is going to be shooting the subject more square on rather than down the line of the wave.

A few other problems I've had is with exposure of the sky in the shots even though they were all photos in a stich were taken a split second apart I've found the difference in colour of up to a stop from other images this took a bit of blending and tweaking to get looking somewhere near where I was happy but still I need to find an easier fix for this.

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